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Whenever Liard Industries accepts a mandate, we sign a confidentiality agreement that guarantees your project the utmost secrecy.

After studying your plans and specifications, our experienced estimators will answer you efficiently and as quickly as possible, taking into account any changes you may have during the estimation process.


The price is then set and a schedule is determined that will suit all parties and will be respected.



Order fulfillment

Once the order is confirmed, our qualified technical team takes charge of your project and efficiently prepares for production. We carefully choose the materials you have specified, ensuring that they meet your requirements.


Our project management team then follows the planned implementation steps in order to complete your project while guaranteeing your peace of mind.


Quality documents

We prepare the quality documents as the project progresses. Furthermore, quality control is maintained throughout the project with milling certification, non-destructive welding inspections, subcontractor quality reports and internal inspections. We provide the documents to you when delivering the product but they are also available for verification throughout all stages of production.


The Liard difference

Meeting deadlines is very important to us, so we follow up with you each week. And when the time comes to deliver your finished product, we rigorously support you in the transportation logistics.


Liard Industries custom-manufactures process and processing equipment, primarily for the mining, hydroelectric, wood and pulp and paper processing industries. Liard Industries has all the necessary machining, welding and mechanical assembly operations to completely manufacture your equipment in one single location.




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