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With its expertise in equipment manufacturing, especially for the forestry industry, LIARD INDUSTRIES manufactures massive cranes for handling timber.

Liard Industries recently delivered this 37-ton piece of equipment to an American forestry company to improve logistics in its timber yard.

More than 40 people from across every department helped achieve this project that took 6 months to complete, working from the client’s plans. From estimate to delivery and everything in between—welding, machining, assembly—our entire staff put their all into the work! We also called on our trusted sub-contractors for stress relief, sandblasting and non-destructive welding inspections. 

Like all projects we carry out, we assured our client of the product’s quality through the rigorous inspections conducted, which are supported by quality documents.

This type of custom project is a comprehensive and lasting solution for our clients. We regularly manufacture cranes for the forestry industry, relying on our manufacturing know-how, in-depth expertise and the quality we demonstrate throughout every stage of project fulfillment.

Liard Industries also custom-manufactures process and processing equipment for the mining, hydroelectric and pulp and paper industries. LIARD INDUSTRIES has all the necessary machining, welding and mechanical assembly operations to completely manufacture your equipment in one single location!



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