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A physical rehabilitation technician by profession, André Beauchesne founded Positech Innovation in 1998 in response to user needs. 

He realized that postural products didn’t always fit the user’s position, and that they weren’t adaptable. Having worked in various centres for people with specific needs, he knows how to help customers. 

In the early years, the company launched a range of technical posture aids.  

The first product was called Flexus, an extraordinary backrest that adapts to any position.  

To maximize the comfort and well-being of its customers, Positech Innovation designs adjustable Summus and Axilus headrests and modular thoracic stop systems. 

André Beauchesne and his team are committed to creating high-quality products. These include various canvas backrests with adjustable tension, as well as cushions and seats.  

All of these products are custom-made to satisfy every customer, and have been for 25 years. 

On September 14, 2022, Positech Innovation expanded its workspace with the construction of a 9,300 sq. ft. two-storey building. This $3.5 million investment is enabling the company to meet growing demand.  

One of André Beauchesne’s greatest sources of pride is his motivated team, which now includes 12 employees.  

They were chosen, among other things, for their attention to detail in creating top-quality posture aid products.  

A Quebec-based company, Positech Innovation has listened to its customers’ needs from the very beginning. Its mission is to offer innovative products to people with disabilities or who are losing independence. 

The organization aspires to improve the daily lives of all people with reduced mobility by continuing to work in the rehabilitation and posture industry. 

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