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The Réseau express métropolitain (REM) is a major project that will change the mass transit landscape in the Montreal region. Carrying out such a complex project required the cooperation of many specialist companies, including Syri Stainless. 

Syri Stainless has earned REM’s trust as a key supplier thanks to five important factors. Find out why Syri Stainless was chosen to contribute its expertise and know-how to this major project. 


  1. A dedicated project manager 

Syri Stainless has committed to assigning a REM project manager who will be entirely dedicated to the project. This skilled specialist will be based in Montreal and will work on the project on a full-time basis. The manager’s constant presence means that REM’s progress can be closely monitored, with regular visits to all the stations currently under construction. The accessibility and proximity of the project manager are significant advantages in ensuring that the project runs smoothly. 


  1. CCQ cards for our installation team 

In a project of this scale, responsiveness is of the utmost importance. To guarantee rapid responses to the various REM demands and other major projects, Syri Stainless has taken steps to ensure that the majority of its installation team have Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) cards. CCQ certification has enabled Syri Stainless to offer an efficient, high-quality service, which has already proved to be a wise investment. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing an optimum service. 


  1. Ability to adapt to different projects 

Syri Stainless is renowned for its remarkable adaptability in response to the progress of REM projects. This flexibility allows the team to deal with any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the course of the project and also enables a more agile approach to priority management. As a result, Syri Stainless is able to maintain a harmonious partnership with REM, contributing significantly to the overall success of the project. 


  1. Exemplary productivity 

Syri Stainless has a dedicated team for the REM project, handling design, manufacture and installation. The existence of this team enables the company to be reactive to new project requests and additions without sacrificing production for their regular customers. This exemplary productivity gives the REM project the assurance that Syri Stainless will meet deadlines and maintain quality workmanship. 


  1. Laser cutting: a wealth of expertise 

Syri Stainless has a laser cutting department, so it can provide expert advice to REM project managers. Their mastery of cutting methods enables them to ensure that the various project components are not only robust, but also visually compatible with each other. 


Syri Stainless is proud to be actively involved in this major change in Montreal’s public transit landscape. 

Working closely with REM, Syri Stainless is committed to providing solutions of the highest quality while meeting the most demanding deadlines and standards.  

Its expertise and commitment to excellence make them valuable and reliable partners in carrying out major infrastructure projects. 

Syri Stainless is honoured to have been selected by REM and is committed to continuing to offer a high level of service, thus contributing to the ongoing success of the Réseau express métropolitain.  

Thanks to this strong partnership, REM will be able to offer a modern, efficient transportation infrastructure to the people of Montreal, improving quality of life and boosting the region’s economy. 

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