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On October 12, the Leblanc Illuminations Canada team gathered partners, customers and employees at the Saint-Thomas Vineyard to celebrate 15 years of success in Canada in a festive, friendly atmosphere. 

The celebration honoured a dream come true, that of Ginette Grégoire, a visionary whose daring and determination enabled Leblanc Illuminations to establish itself in Canada. Inspired by a Christmas market in Strasbourg, Ginette decided to reproduce the experience in Joliette in 2005. To do this, she needed lights and thus decided to join forces with Groupe Leblanc in Le Mans, France, which would later give birth to Leblanc Illuminations Canada.  


Today, the company has more than 680 customers across Quebec and Canada. The company has been a pioneer in the field of LED illumination since its inception, bringing over 10 million LEDs to the Canadian market with innovative illumination materials and decorations.  

The secrets of Leblanc Illuminations’ success  


The company’s strength lies in its personalized, professional support service, a distinctive feature of the business. It is committed to supporting and assisting its customers throughout all project stages, whatever the scope. In terms of both creation and installation, the company offers complete support, from ideation to delivery, including installation and post-installation technical support.  


Its collaborative approach to creation creates a real sense of belonging among team members. At Leblanc Illuminations, active listening is essential: all ideas are considered and everyone is involved in the creative process.  


A large and unique network of partners also contributes to the company’s success. These partners, which include valuable employees such as dealers, designers, architects, engineers and qualified installers, enable it to work on a variety of projects and provide customers with outstanding solutions. 


Finally, the team’s creativity and family spirit are qualities that truly set the company apart. Each project involves all employees, who are considered part of one large family. The company avoids complacency; every employee is constantly challenged, from creation through delivery. Everyone shares a sense of pride and belonging at every level of employment. Working at Leblanc Illuminations offers the privilege of contributing to unique projects and taking on ever-greater challenges. 


Future prospects  

The future looks bright for Leblanc Illuminations Canada, with ambitious projects in the pipeline: 

Planned for early 2024, the move to larger premises symbolizes a commitment to more efficient organization. In addition, a new division has been set up to develop architectural lighting products with the HALTO brand. This currently makes Leblanc Illuminations a North American subsidiary of the CSI Group, particularly for Canada and the United States. 

In 2024, the company also plans to launch two new websites (one for Leblanc Illuminations Canada and the other for HALTO) as well as a non-transactional online boutique, which will better showcase products and services and help guide customers in their quote requests. To round off the evening, each guest received a bottle of sparkling wine from the Saint-Thomas vineyard, a blend in the image of Leblanc Illuminations: sparkling, surprising and refined!  

The company was also proud to point out that Leblanc Illuminations International is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year. 

For more information and upcoming projects, visit Leblanc Illuminations Canada. Also explore the achievements of the parent company, Leblanc Illuminations France




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