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At Biexo, our new equipment enables us to carry out projects efficiently and effectively. Our new laser cutting table is a perfect example. 

Indeed, it plays an essential role in our tank manufacturing process. 

Its exceptional, unrivalled precision significantly reduces the number of unnecessary welds normally used to assemble parts.  

There are two advantages to using a laser cutting table: 

1. Since welding is a time-consuming and labour-intensive activity, the use of a laser cutting table considerably reduces production costs;  

2. The laser cutting table is more precise and improves the quality of the final product by reducing potential imperfections associated with welding. 

Biexo is now able to create products in a variety of shapes and sizes, within competitive lead times, to meet the specific needs of a market that is increasingly demanding customized products. 

What’s more, using a laser cutting table has increased our mass production capacity. 

In fact, our designers can now quickly create prototypes to achieve proof of concept, thus reducing the time needed for product development. What’s more, our experts ensure that the final products meet our customers’ requirements. 

Finally, the installation of our laser cutting table gave us the opportunity to transform the role of our operators, who also became supervisors, programmers and laser machine operators. As a result, they are more actively involved in high value-added tasks.  

Biexo is always on the lookout for new, state-of-the-art equipment. That’s why we invested in this new laser cutting table, which now enables our employees to work in a modern, high-performance environment on a daily basis.  

This facilitates our company’s ability to constantly improve its service offering and enhance the quality of its products.  

Do you have any questions?  We have the answers!  Contact us today to discuss your project. 

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