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All regions of Quebec have rehabilitation centres that are well established in their communities. These centres offer resources and infrastructure that help people reintegrate their living environment, and sometimes regain notions of independence. 

In this respect, rehabilitation centres offer top-quality care and innovative solutions that are specific to their customers’ needs.  

As a result, using the expertise of rehabilitation centres, people with reduced mobility can quickly and effectively regain their independence, either partially or completely. 

Positech Innovation is proud to work closely with over 25 different rehabilitation centres in Quebec.  

We collaborate with various health care professionals to provide users with postural products tailored to their physical condition, which can, of course, change according to their needs. 

This partnership began over a quarter of a century ago and functions as follows:  

A specialist, such as an occupational therapist, carries out a functional assessment and analyzes the customer’s condition to determine which technical assistance would be most beneficial for the future user’s posture.  

Following the assessments, the professional sends an estimate so that Positech can begin designing the necessary product(s). 

Once everything is ready, an orthotics and prosthetics technician positions and modifies the products according to the user’s preferences and needs. 

This Quebec-based collaboration between health care professionals, specialist companies and rehabilitation centres enables people with disabilities or reduced independence to benefit from the best postural products. 

Here is a list of the main rehabilitation centres in Quebec with which Positech works (add a link or a button). 

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