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The collaboration between Liard Industries and Andritz has been a decisive step in developing our expertise and our ability to serve a variety of industries, thanks to the broad range of sectors covered by the Andritz group. 

This collaboration began in 2006, when Andritz needed a subcontracting partner for products developed in-house. They chose Liard to improve efficiency, quality and production times, as well as to reduce costs. These requirements were successfully met, marking the beginning of a partnership that has helped transform a small supplier into a key player in the industrial market. 

Projects awarded have varied in size and involved all Andritz divisions. This diversity has enabled Liard to stand out, developing our expertise by working with multiple industries under the same umbrella, facilitating our company’s expansion and paving the way for cross-divisional referrals. 

This collaboration has been particularly beneficial in developing Liard’s in-depth welding expertise, as well as the ability to supply quality products, even in areas where our company had no prior experience, such as manufacturing cranes. Today, Liard is recognized as a benchmark for Andritz projects, demonstrating our willingness to take on challenges and set a standard of excellence in our field. 

The successes achieved through this collaboration prompted the acquisition of a second 5-axis machine, reinforcing our ability to meet growing demand. 

At Liard Industries, we are ready to take on your challenges and turn your projects into success stories. For more information, visit their website

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