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With almost 20 years of continuous R&D and more than 15 models of hydraulic aerial ladders available, RH Equipment​ (RH) offers numerous installation possibilities.

At RH, our mission is to develop products that meet market needs and create high-tech concepts that fully respect the strictest user requirements. The company has surrounded itself with a dynamic and creative engineering department, supported by an independent laboratory. As well as paying particular attention to respecting the applicable standards and legislation, RH is also committed to ensuring that its products, installation and services are all high quality, with quick delivery times!


Constantly elevating industry standards, RH offers ​versatile and hard-wearing products​ that are used in numerous domains: boom trucks, electrical aerials, insulated ladders, aerial lift devices, aerial platforms, firefighter units, and airport aerial maintenance units.


Our engineering department works relentlessly to develop, test and improve our equipment. Proof came in 2011 when the Gouvernement du Québec (CGER, Centre de gestion de l’équipement roulant) contacted us to improve an existing product that was much too heavy to be used on the roads during the spring thaw. RH took on the project and developed the RHP14, comprising a platform with up to 16 ft. of side reach, a 26° elevation degree and a working height of up to 14 ft.


Similarly, in 2014, NAFFCO (National Fire Fighting Company) turned to us to help them create a much faster firetruck for their local airports. The result was the RHL37.


In 2017, in association with Cisolift, RH developed a product that met a specific need, which, until then, had remained unanswered. Once again, we innovated and launched the RHR series, an aerial ladder built on an insulated trailer that is available in three different models: demand for the product has been growing ever since!


We are also proud to offer electrically powered products with outstanding battery life, limiting CO2 emissions and their effect on our planet!


It’s clear to see that whatever your need, our dedicated and inventive team will go all out to provide you with an incomparable experience! ​Contact us!



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