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RH Equipement is pleased to announce the launch of its latest project, the RH38DGA!


This model from RH Equipment is an unmatched product on the market; it’s a new configuration of our star product RH38D with direct access to the ground.   


Unlike our other models, bucket access is done directly from the rear bumper or the ground. The basket comes to rest on the rear bumper and allow access to the bucket through a door. In fact, it has a descent from the ladder to the bucket that is called here the « Goose Neck.”  It comes to rest on an elongated bumper, equipped with a swivel platform allowing direct access to the basket without obstructing the rear door of the vehicle.


A side door on the basket allows you to climb into it from the bumper or the ground. Yes, you won’t have to climb the roof top anymore. A plate is added to the bucket to magnetize the wireless control, so you can use the remote from a distance, around your neck or in the cask.




Always installed on a bridged structure (no pedestal), it allows the installation of a partition, a sliding door to better circulate from the front to the cargo space as well as a very wide variety of interior upfittings.

The GA « Ground Access » Series is available on all our dielectric models. Either on:
RH38DGA (38′ working height and 27′ lateral reach)
RH44DGA (44′ working height and 33′ lateral reach)
RH50DGA (50′ working height and 39′ lateral reach) 

It’s Never seen before!



As per our good habits, we offer you a range of products with maximized capabilities such as payload and basket capacity. This will vary depending on the model of the vehicle. The 3-section design makes your unit more stable and rigid when expanding, your user will thank you for it.


In addition, during this era we are living in, it is important to remember that our units are eco-friendly. They are functional without the truck running on idle thanks to its AGM battery. We paint our machines with powder paint, and by doing so, we can color match your fleet with the colors of your company. To finalize, we use the best materials.


Because our units are basically a ladder, you have an emergency exit at all times that provides access to the ground through the ladder and the swivel platform. So under no circumstances will you need your rappel (abseil) kit at 50′ in the air.

The complete GA Series is designed to make your job easier and give you access to the ground at all times. Feel free to contact your RH representative.

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