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The Parc Safari team wanted to keep the park open and offer a new attraction for the winter season, so they called on Leblanc Illuminations. The company was tasked with creating a brand-new winter experience for the park.

Four distinct thematic zones have been created to delight visitors for a period running from November 2022 to March 2023. Elegant backdrops provided a unique lighting experience, through the integration of a series of technological feats, including animated backdrops, animation units and impressive installations. 

The Arctica zone represented the north with Nordic animals. The installation was marked by cool, white, and blue tones, with snow-covered fir trees and crystals. The Magica zone was designed as a family fun zone. Visitors could take photos with a family of bears, reindeer and even a fir tree adorned with the portrait of a deer. A multicoloured arch invited visitors to enter this area, where photo booths and frames gave everyone the opportunity to create memories. Inspired by the Canadian forest and the animals that inhabit it, Foresta featured a magical tree that was brought to life by spinning strands of light, and a majestic, enchanted deer with illuminated tree-shaped antlers. Finally, Afrika presented animals from Africa and beyond, in an immersive experience. 

Producing these themed areas presented a number of challenges, including the need to work in the presence of animals, to tight deadlines and power supply management. Leblanc Illuminations successfully met these challenges, successfully overseeing production, logistics and transport aspects, to meet deadlines.

This achievement highlights the company's ability to design immersive, customized turnkey projects of any scale. To find out more, contact them for a free consultation. 

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