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When a person suffers from kidney failure, dialysis is used to maintain the body’s equilibrium by eliminating waste products, salt and excess water to prevent them from accumulating in the body.

This treatment often involves diverting the blood to a machine for cleaning, and it’s precisely at this point that Adaptaid’s solutions provide a major boost in purifying the water needed for dialysis. 

What are water treatment carts used for in dialysis? 

Adaptaid has developed four mobile water treatment carts, the Aquadial, the  Aquacart, the Aqualite and the Aqualite Stand. These carts, also known as dialysis carts, are designed to provide a complete solution for transporting the water pretreatment and reverse osmosis (RO) equipment required for the individual treatment of dialysis patients.  

These four mobile solutions make it possible for patients to receive their dialysis treatments in a variety of locations: in dialysis centres, hospitals, acute care facilities or at home. 

How do water treatment carts work? 

Water treatment carts are fitted with filters that retain 1μm to 5μm particles, including bacteria. The carts’ activated carbon filtration system purifies the water by removing various substances, including chlorinated compounds. The water is then fed to the osmosis unit, which filters out endotoxins, fungi and viruses before feeding the machine for dialysis treatment.  

In home hemodialysis situations, the feed water must be tested beforehand and must comply with the prerequisites specified in Health Canada’s “Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.”  

It should be noted that “pure water” for dialysis cannot be obtained by simple filtration or by water purification processes such as UV oxidation, ion exchange resins or activated carbon. 

Only certain water purification techniques, such as reverse osmosis or distillation, can deliver “pure water.” These advanced physical processes are generally carried out using specialized equipment. 

What are the advantages of Adaptaid dialysis carts? 

Adaptaid’s water treatment carts have the advantage of being compatible with Millenium HX, Millenium, WRO 300 and WRO 300 H portable RO systems, as well as a variety of other portable RO systems. These dialysis water filtration solutions thus provide effective support for dialysis care, whether in clinics, hospitals or at home. 

For dialysis providers and care teams, the need for a reliable, mobile, purified water pretreatment system is paramount. This is why Adaptaid portable dialysis carts are particularly effective in handling emergency situations and dialysis treatments in different locations.  

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