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When it comes to dust management in your company, choosing the right dust collection system is a crucial decision.  

As a company that specializes in the manufacture of advanced dust collectors, Belfab provides an overview of the important elements that must be considered when choosing a dust collection system for your plant.  

Dust collection system – characteristics of the various types of dust that must be taken into account: 

 • Particle size: Coarse particles to ultra-fine residues can be generated, depending on the work performed.  

• Corrosivity: Some corrosive dusts can cause deterioration of parts such as filters and other components of dust collection systems.  

• Workflow: Different woodworking procedures generate different types of dust and this can impact the choice of system. 

• Level of humidity: In humid environments dust can adhere to surfaces.  

• Pollutants: Wood chips can contain toxic pollutants.  

Dust collection systems – Factors to consider 

Before choosing a dust collection system, several aspects must be taken into account depending on your particular needs:  

• Available surface and monetary considerations  

• High temperature conditions  

• The volume of dust that is generated 

  • Expenses for filtration and maintenance  


Finally, note that ease of system maintenances depends on the type of system chosen. 

How to choose the right dust collection system  

Right from the start, bear in mind that when choosing a dust collection system you must take your specific needs into account.  

To achieve this goal, our dust collection experts are ready to help you think things through, analyze your workflow and help you choose a system that will enable you to properly manage your wood dust.  

Note that all Belfab dust collection systems meet NFPA safety standards.  

For air that is cleaner, safer and more efficient, you can rely on Belfab for your dust collection system. 

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