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At Liard Industries, we are proud of our standards and certifications which enable our clients to benefit from the unparalleled quality of our products and processes.

For several years, we have been following the best practices established by management standard ISO 9001. These practices guide the management and close monitoring of your project, from quotation to delivery. Liard Industries is constantly trying to improve its efficiency, in order to offer its clientele high-quality products at the lowest cost.

Liard Industries custom-manufactures process and processing equipment, primarily for the mining, hydroelectric, wood and pulp and paper processing industries. 

Liard Industries has all the necessary machining, welding and mechanical assembly operations to completely manufacture your equipment in one single location. To its clients, Liard Industries is a reliable and honest source for everything that relates to high-quality machining, manufacturing, welding and mechanical assembly.

Quality, compliance and sustainability

Our welding certifications guarantee you very high quality welding and products that meet your highest requirements:

  • BCS / CWB-division 2: this certification is supported by a welding engineer and an employee qualified as a welding supervisor ;
  • ASME – section 8 division 1: this certification is issued by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec for high-pressure welding ;
  • AWS American Welding Society: American welding certification.


When your engineers submit your plans and quotes to us, your project is handled by our team of estimators, project managers, competent technicians and qualified and experienced welders. When we manufacture your products, you can be assured of their quality, compliance and durability!


Please feel free to entrust us with your projects by contacting our certified team!


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