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Brandon manufacturing was founded more than fifty years ago and has continued to expand through the creation of a line of dump body products. Ever since innovation has remained one of the keys to the company’s success.

Innovation is at the heart of the company’s long-term success

Our new owners made it their mission to elevate the company’s culture to a higher standard of customer service for their distributors and clients. This mission has paid off and the exceptional listening to the client coupled with a passion for innovation and the creation of custom solutions has proven itself more than once.


Among many of our innovations, we created the BDR dump body for extreme applications including demolition, waste management, scrap steel transportation, rendering and disaster relief cleaning.


Concrete examples of success

 One of Brandon’s American clients is a heavy equipment representative in the construction, recycling, forestry and biomass industries. It had a fairly specific request, an idea he came up with which didn’t exist anywhere else.  Its specific need brought forth the idea of 3 pieces of equipment combined into one. Brandon looked into it, identified the specific needs of the client and with its help, prepared a plan. The first prototype was built, the final 3D plan approved and the equipment constructed. The client is now equipped with one versatile piece of gear which has allowed him to make huge savings!


On another occasion, Brandon fulfilled its mission by responding to a client’s request to customize a pre-existing product line. Thanks to its collaboration with us, the client now has unique equipment to serve its clients. This is a great way to contribute to the added value of the client’s business, making it stand out in its target markets!



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