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Bitumex is a technology imported by TechnoFlex and specially adapted to the trucking industry.

The bitumen tarp, asphalt tarp or high-temperature tarp is a high-quality product that provides a competitive edge. What makes it special is its high temperature resistance and insulating properties. It makes transporting asphalt safe and simple, even in sub-zero conditions. The reinforcing bands improve stability, regardless of the type of trailer used. Bitumen doesn’t stick nearly as much to this tarp, which decreases the traction weight on the tarp motors and makes life much easier on the worksite. It all translates to less work for the motors and workers, a longer lifespan for your tarp motors, and higher efficiency on the worksite! Furthermore, the tarp keeps the asphalt warm enough to work with at the site, avoiding travel compliance issues. and stainless steel eyelets. Thanks to the stability, durability, versatility and waterproofness of TechnoFlex tarps, transporters can have peace of mind and focus on the road!


A TechnoFlex specialty

Bitumex technology was imported by TechnoFlex and specially adapted for the trucking industry. TechnoFlex has the knack of seeking out specialized products from other industries to address issues that are specific to truckers and transporters. It’s the assurance of having access to products that provide the most adapted solutions in the market!

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