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At Les Fils Métalliques Berthier (FMB), we have proudly offered a wide range of services for nearly 25 years to meet your highest expectations for metal display design and the manufacture of steel parts and components.

Boasting a wealth of varied expertise, we have a successful track record in numerous sectors, ranging from retail and manufacturing to construction and engineering.  

Whatever your field, we can meet your specific needs. 

We’re acutely aware of the essential purpose of a good display, which is to instantly catch the attention of consumers by showcasing the essential qualities of your products. 

For this reason, every item we design is intended to stimulate interest and create a consumer need for your products. 

With a display that strikes a chord in terms of originality, colour and form, we put a spotlight on your products. 

What’s more, choosing FMB means opting for products made from quality materials and finished to the highest standards.  

This approach, combined with the importance we attach to the ergonomics and aesthetics of our products for each of our projects, has enabled us to gradually establish ourselves as a key partner in the Canadian market since 1999. 

Whether it’s design, prototyping, specialized manufacturing, welding assembly (resistance and MIG) or electrostatic painting, the primary mission of our creative multidisciplinary team is to offer you a complete range of high-quality products and services!  

Consequently, flexibility and customization of the products we create are a must at FMB. Our ability to tailor each project to your most exacting requirements is without doubt our greatest asset.  

To achieve this, we’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas and new ways of doing things, pushing the boundaries of our creativity to explore new avenues in response to changing markets. 

By providing you with tailor-made solutions that combine innovation and versatility, FMB guarantees your full satisfaction. 

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