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Brandon Manufacturing has developed a series of products to meet the growing need for waste management and to clean up areas devastated by natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

In collaboration with our clients from the American south and west, we have designed a large-sized dumpster with a grappling hook to load debris quickly. 


Made from high abrasion-resistance steel and with walls that can reach up to eight feet high and 26 feet long, these solid boxes are essential tools for collecting large debris. We continue to be one of the only truck dumpster manufacturers to use robotic welders to guarantee the quality of our products. 


We are aware that when a storm hits a region, it is important that people are able to return to their homes as soon as possible and that neighborhoods must be made habitable again. This is why our whole team is ready to respond. Last year, with our clients’ approval, we produced only these dumpster models for a period of more than three weeks. This way, we were able to deliver the products within a short turnaround time. 


Furthermore, in partnership with our distributors, we increase our inventories during the periods of the year that are more likely to be hit by storms. This way, many municipalities are very prepared to trust us. 


At Brandon Manufacturing, we are proud to be able to contribute in our own way to the efforts made to help disaster victims. 



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