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To effectively cope with climate change, alpine ski centers are increasingly using specialized machinery to make their operations profitable and offer comfortable and safe ski conditions to the 1.5 million snow sports enthusiasts in Quebec.

As soon as the ski session ends, snowmobiles, quads, snow groomers and snowmakers get to work! We also have to make sure that the chairlifts are working properly. These are installations that rise several meters above the ground and require specialized aerial equipment.


This is where RH Equipment’s “BR” comes into play. The BR is actually the name of the vehicle on which we install our units. We can install our full range of products. From the RH35 to the RH50D, anything is possible!



In general, the most popular model for this installation is the RH50D (insulated). With a working height of 50 feet (15.25 m) and a side reach of 39 feet (11.90 m), it is frequently used for ski patrol assistance, for chairlift and snowmaker maintenance, light post maintenance, pruning, and much more. Two bucket models are available to better meet your needs. Regarding rescue assistance, the unit must have an aluminum basket with a front door.


Our tilting base allows you to level your aerial platform as if your vehicle were on a horizontal surface. You can thus work on a 45˚ slope. Equipped with two stabilizers, the unit guarantees a safe working environment.


The lifting ring is located at the end of the second section; it is a standard accessory. It can lift loads of 550 lbs. (250 kg) in any position, regardless of the carrier vehicle. Not to mention the many other benefits and options available to ensure that RH aerial lift equipment meets your specific needs. Feel free to contact us for more information.


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