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Belfab understands that woodworking is not without risks, especially where dust is concerned. That's why Belfab offers a wide range of dust collectors and sandblasting cabinets to meet your requirements.

Investing in this type of product is a wise decision, as the instant absorption of wood dust is very important.

Below are some reasons to consider: 

1.Health, protection and convenience: Inhaling wood dust can cause health problems such as respiratory disorders and serious illnesses  such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The absorption of dust allows employees peace of mind that they are working in a safe and healthy environment.  

2. Risk of combustion: Wood dust can ignite very easily. By absorbing the dust instantly, you virtually eliminate any debris that may accumulate in your work area. This greatly reduces the risk of fire and explosion. 

3. Hygiene: Accumulated dust can create a dangerous working environment and slippery surfacesas well as impede your vision. 

4. Productivity: Dust can accumulate on equipment and workspaces if it is not automatically absorbed. This can lead to reduced tool performance and more frequent tool failures.  

5. Impact on the environment: The dust from processing wood can contain harmful substances which, once released into the environment, contribute to air and water pollution. 

6. Regulatory compliance: Instant absorption of wood dust is often a legal requirement to comply with current regulations. 

7.Cost reduction: Capturing wood dust means that equipment remains efficient for longer and requires fewer repairs. What's more, it can help reduce absenteeism among employees caused by health problems. 

Belfab is ready to help you find the right device to ensure your safety.  

Contact one of their agents to find out more. 

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