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A tarp that doesn’t fit your truck can impact your efficiency and safety, and it could cause major damages to your material or motor.

The size of your tarp:  a critical issue

You may run into problems during transport if the tarp is too narrow, too wide or not sturdy enough: difficulty rolling the tarp, condensation in the box, chaotic unloading, etc.

Using an ill-fitting tarp can cause several issues: you may get a fine, lose some cargo and cause an accident, impair the safety of other drivers, give the company a bad name, etc.

All these unanticipated events can add up and end up being very expensive. 

We want our customers to have peace of mind when transporting their cargo. Using the right size of tarp will help with that.



How to figure out the right size in 3 steps


Step 1: The right length

Measure the length of your box and add three feet. This will ensure the tarp covers the length of the box with the ideal tension.


Step 2: Make retracting easier 

To make it easy to retract the tarp, you have to factor in the rolling tube. Measure the tube’s length and subtract 3 inches, this will give you the perfect width for your tarp and prevent it from getting damaged when retracted.


Step 3: If in doubt, ask an expert 

TechnoFlex experts can answer all your questions and give you advice on which tarp is right for you.



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