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Everyone likes to see a project meet certain standard parameters. However, sometimes a project is unique and thus requires a special design to meet the specific requirements of a given quote.

When this type of situation arises, it is best to deal with a firm of hydraulic experts. At ITI HYDRAULIK, our engineering team will design non-standard parts for you, so that you can complete your installation.


We can also work with you to design custom-made hydraulic jacks for your company, as we did for our client: Mongrain Vertical Transport, who had a special project in the New York area. It was a matter of designing and building two single stage inground jacks, capable of lifting a platform with a load of 140,000 pounds, which represent 63 1/2 tons. The purpose of the platform was to lift a 45-foot tractor-trailer !


In the industry, ITI HYDRAULIK is known for its ability to build extremely large custom jacks. Here are some of the project’s specifications to serve as an example. Each piston has a diameter of 15 ¾ inches with a ¾-inch-thick wall. The casing is 20 inches in diameter, and the wall is up to ½ inch thick, which add up to a total weight of 9 750 pounds per cylinder. The jack lifts a load over a distance of 40 feet to attain a fully extended length of 80 feet once its maximum height is reached.


It came as no surprise that we had to use two delivery trucks for this exceptionally large job !


So, regardless of the size of your project, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the options available to you.


At ITI HYDRAULIK, no project is ever too big !



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