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Today, agricultural producers must consider the environment by reducing the use of water and fuels while limiting fertilizer runoff.

Harnois Irrigation’s mission is to establish an operational structure that is completely dedicated to the design, distribution, and servicing of mechanized irrigation systems.


Our objectives are to help our customers save water, fuel, and money, excel in controlling agricultural soil moisture through irrigation, and act as a leader in the field by distinguishing ourselves through quality and innovation.


Six reasons to irrigate your fields using a system designed by Harnois Irrigation :

  1. You’ll be able to cover a larger area of land using the same amount of water

  2. You’ll reduce your energy costs

  3. You’ll standardize water application

  4. You’ll obtain better crop yields

  5. You’ll be able to fertilize your crops more efficiently

  6. You’ll be protecting the environment


A history of innovation

In 1956, Joseph Harnois acted as an intermediary in the sale of the first field irrigation system. In 1958, IRRIGATION ST-THOMAS was incorporated and Rolland Harnois, who worked for his father Joseph, sold the first spray irrigation system. Principal activities focused on the sale of irrigation systems and equipment for Canadian tobacco producers.


In 1967, the company designed and manufactured a spray irrigation system to protect tobacco from freezing, a first in North America. This system is now commonly used during frost periods, especially in vineyards and orchards. The company continued to innovate and, in 1992, it designed the first post-emergent slurry spreader. Carried and powered by a rigid hose reel, it was the first of its kind!


Since 2003, the company has been designing and manufacturing large irrigation lines, the only ones of their kind manufactured in North America. In 2011, as the company began to diversify (greenhouses & domes), irrigation sector assets were redirected to a new dedicated entity: HARNOIS IRRIGATION.


In the service of farmers

With over 60 years of experience, we have the know-how to handle all your irrigation needs. From aluminum pipes to fittings, pumps, reels, lines, pivots and linears, we offer a wide range of products that we manufacture or that come from renowned suppliers to meet your agricultural or industrial needs.


As a distributor and manufacturer of mechanized field irrigation systems, we offer solutions that generate water and fossil fuel savings for an international clientele :

  • Irrigation plan designs

  • Sales

  • Installations

  • Repairs

  • Rentals/Troubleshooting



Contact us at Our design and analysis department will give you a quote that meets both your needs and your budget. We seek the best technologies and integrate them into our equipment selections, to help agricultural businesses produce larger and better yields while saving water and protecting the planet.



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