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With Canada Hydraulique Équipement (Girolift), it is easy to determine the right lift for your company’s needs. Its consulting service is quick to offer customers personalized support that facilitates informed decision-making.

No matter what sector you’re in—automotive service, custom-built industrial lifting equipment,  or for lifting heavy mining vehicles —the Girolift consulting service can suggest the proper lift for each customer’s situation and budget. The service includes specialized assistance, from decision-making to Girolift installation, thus enabling you to avoid potentially costly errors.


Essential questions to help you choose the right hydraulic cylinder :


What types of vehicles or equipment are being lifted (loads) ?

  • Are we talking about cars, trucks, or both? There is a 2 column Girolift product that can lift both type of vehicle: the HT-14000 model.
  • Do you need to lift heavy duty trucks? Girolift manufactures 4-column ramp lifts for both heavy vehicles (20,000 to 80,000 lb capacity) and also extra heavy vehicles (100,000 to 140,000 lb capacity). 
  • Do you need to lift recreational vehicles (ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc.)? There is also a Girolift for these types of vehicles, the 02-LF1VR, with a capacity of 2,000 lbs.
  • Do you need to lift vehicles for dismantling? Among the many Girolift products, the 10-LF1 model is ideal for this task.  


What is your available workspace (bay) ?

Girolift must know the exact dimensions of your available workspace to ensure that it meets CNESST or WORKSAFE safety standards. Your available space allows Girolift to determine whether or not a standard 2-column lift is the best option.


If not, Girolift will recommend a 4-column lift. Their 4-column lifts are tailor-made so as to precisely meet customer requirements, particularly in the mining sector. You must therefore take into account the necessary manufacturing time when placing your order.


Girolift advantages

Through constructive discussions, Girolift’s expert consultants guide their customers to help them increase their productivity and safety. By offering a wide range of options, consultants can determine the right Girolift for each individual’s needs. Girolift offers lifts that do not have cable, chain, or pulley. Its clearance height between the columns is unobstructed by a crossbar, offering proven safety to its users.


During installation, Girolift’s experienced technicians will provide a detailed explanation on how to operate the new lifting equipment, thus favoring its safe and very long-term use.


Girolift actively continues to support customers after installation, as illustrated below by the well-known GM Paillé dealer: 

We recommend Girolift for their excellent after-sales service, speed, availability, quality of work and, in addition, their excellent product reliability.”   - Martin Vermette, Service Director, GM Paillé - Berthierville


Free access to consulting services is offered by qualified Girolift hydraulic lifting system specialists, at certified automotive parts distribution centers, or directly from the manufacturer, Canada Hydraulique Équipement.



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