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    Empowering individuals through everyday necessities

    Synetik Group specializes in the design, product development and manufacturing of ergonomic equipment. With its ErgoDesign, ErgoCare and ErgoSolutions divisions, Synetik Group provides a range of products and services adapted to your needs.

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      SYNETIK GROUP specializes in the design, product development and manufacturing of ergonomic equipment, primarily chairs and stools for industrial settings, and presents here products and services of its divisions ERGODESIGN, ERGOCARE and ERGOSOLUTIONS.

      Ergonomic furniture for many sectors :

      • Aeorospace
      • Industrial
      • Welding
      • Mechanical
      • Medical / Pharmaceutical / Laboratory
      • Office / Commercial

      You can relie on the SYNETIK QUALITY :

      • Tailored products
      • Fast deliverty
      • Garantee
      • Tested and approuved by ergonomists


      1. Ergonomic chairs

      The ergonomic industry is currently booming, creating a wide range of products on the market. This wide range of choices can cause some difficulties when it comes to buying an ergonomic chair. However, it is important to question all of this so-called "ergonomic" equipment, because this term is sometimes overused and is not always synonymous with a good purchase. To ensure that you make the right choice, it is essential to make sure that the chair will be adapted to the person who will use it, in addition to meeting the requirements related to the tasks to be performed.

      Ergodesign offers several choices of ergonomic chairs for corporate offices, conference rooms, and the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

      To learn more about ergonomic chairs and find the model that fits your needs, click here.

      2. Ergonomic stools

      Some work situations require the adoption of very awkward postures. Whether in the aerospace, mechanical, pharmaceutical or other fields, numerous studies show a high rate of musculoskeletal disorders in these work environments. Few products on the market can meet the specific needs of these industries, which can make it difficult and complex to improve the related working conditions. However, it is essential to overcome these difficulties, which can have long-term repercussions. 

      Groupe Synétik offers several models of ergonomic stools to improve posture and increase customer comfort.

      To learn more about ergonomic stools and to see what other models are available, click here.


      3. Ergonomic furniture

      There are many office accessories to adapt the ergonomics of any workstation to its user. Several ergonomic tools have been developed to allow a worker to position his or her body properly and thus prevent discomfort related to poor posture. In order to facilitate the adoption of a good posture at work, it is important to choose the right accessories for each person.

      To see the different solutions adapted to your needs, whether it is a screen support, a keyboard support or any other accessory necessary for a healthy work environment, click here.



      ErgoCare, specializes in developing mobility solutions that improve the daily lives of families and the community. 

      All ErgoCare products can be customized to the user. Change any size with ease, thanks to the thoughtful, tool-free adjustable settings. One size really does fit all.

      ErgoCare is committed to individual health, comfort and long-term use of products.

      The products offered by Ergocare are :

      • Pediatric Seats
      • Verticalizers
      • Strollers
      • Positioning devices
      • Tables

      To see all ErgoCare products: click here.

      Whatever use you put your new ergonomic furniture to, whatever sector you work in, custom products by Synetik are the perfect accompaniment to your day-to-day tasks.

      Needs in work environments are constantly changing: furniture must be adapted to different shifts and different body types, products must be adapted to static work stations and work stations that change vocation and location. At Synetik, it’s always possible to build a work accessory that meets your expectations and becomes a fully customized product.

      The process: 

      1. Workspace assesment
      2. Quest for the best suitable solutions
      3. Real life prototypes and tests
      4. Manufacturing of product

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