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    A total commitment to manufacturing the best performing and most reliable equipment in the industry for 35 years.

    There are many reasons why people in over 50 countries choose Stageline Mobile Stages. Used at over 30,000 events per year and counting, their wide range of mobile stages is the answer to your needs for safety, speed of installation, mobility and versatility.

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    Mobile stages of all sizes
    Stageline can meet the needs of anyone looking for the most reliable, convenient, safe, cost-effective and simple outdoor staging.

    Stageline offers several product categories :

    • SL Series
    • SAM Series
    • Device
    • Mobile Marketing

    • Cultural
    • Entertainment
    • Manufacturing
    • Land transport

    • Aluminum (Al)

    • Soft steel

      SL Series - Speed and superior hanging capacity 

      For your small to medium sized events, the SL Series offers safety and performance without compromise.

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      The compact SL75 - Refined and improved!

      Compact equipment that performs impressive tasks. The SL75 is a mobile stage with a hydraulic roof extension and a reinforced structure, which offers maximum visibility with its multiple banner options. It is ideal for crowds from 500 to 2000 people.


      Stageline SL100 - The most used stage in the industry!

      The SL100 sets up quickly and offers a hanging capacity of 5,170 kg (11,400 lb). Equipped with permanently mounted side trusses with a capacity of 680 kg (1,500 lb) per side, they deploy in seconds.


      The SL260 - Unmatched performance !

      The SL260 has proven itself to be exceptionally reliable. Thanks to Stageline's innovative technology, this mobile stage has become a real workhorse. Countless tours, such as the Vans Warped Tour, have used this model for over 20 years in North America. The SL260 has also been the preferred touring stage for the Olympic Torch Relay since 1996 and has traveled to 5 continents.


      The SL320 - Remarkable efficiency!

      Thousands of events are held on the SL320 every year. At 12 meters (40′) deep and wide, this mobile stage provides the fastest set-up and tear-down in the industry in its size class. The SL320 now offers a new option to install large side screens. Recommended for crowds between 2,000 and 10,000 people.


      SAM Series - Solidity, efficiency, incomparable speed!

      The SAM series stages are designed for production professionals and are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding outdoor productions.

      The SAM450 - Pushing the limits!

      Stageline's SAM450 is a lightweight, mechanically assembled aluminum and steel stage with an impressive hanging capacity of 29,937 kg (66,000 lbs), far more than any other stage of its size. This mobile stage offers a fully covered backstage area and a rear loading dock to meet the demands of large-scale productions.


      The SAM575 - A reputation that speaks for itself!

      The SAM575 is a rugged stage, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding outdoor productions and to withstand the harshest weather conditions.


      SAM750 - A giant mobile stage that changes everything! 

      This stage offers 75 tons of hanging capacity and requires only 16 hours to deploy with a crew of 16 technicians. Applauded by the entertainment industry and awarded the highest distinction, the SAM750 redefines the standards in technology and safety.


      Mobile Marketing - Imagine a space anywhere you want it!

      Stageline mobile units - reliable and technologically advanced - easy to install in any outdoor location.

      The Mobile Space - Mobility and high-end architecture!

      The Mobile Space is a mobile building like no other that allows you to create a custom environment. This unit consists of a trailer that unfolds into a 32'x32′ (9.8m x 9.8m) climate controlled environment.


      The Promobile - A two-level mobile space with multiple applications

      The Promobile is an unparalleled mobile marketing tool with two accessible levels. A mobile unit with 1,700 sq. ft. of usable space designed for marketing professionals who need more height, more space and more hanging capacity. The Promobile offers a simple and attractive solution to display your products at concerts, races and various sporting events.


      Trailer - Del Screen 

      The new ST100 - Smart design, solid structure

      Stageline adds a remarkable new member to its product family: the ST100 LED display trailer.

      Still with the reliability, durability and performance typical of Stageline products, the ST100 LED display trailer offers more possibilities to your customers and partners. Specially designed and manufactured for North American roads, the new ST100 is the perfect complement. With the ability to lift the wheels off the ground, it makes it easy to install the trailer on uneven terrain. Allowing 360° screen rotation, with the ability to attach a platform to the side, an integrated camera system and many other options, its versatility is exceptional. 


      Peripherals - A cost-effective and efficient choice

      Stageline peripherals are designed with discretion in mind without compromising performance.

      FOH2424 - Fast, Low, and Tech-friendly

      This unit has a two-tiered floor with 360 degree weather protection. The front panel is curtain style and the other panels are sectional and can be opened or closed. The FOH2424 is designed to meet Stageline's safety requirements and moves with all SAM575 stages.


      FOH3224 - Included in the SAM750 travel.

      This unit has a two tiered floor with 360 degree weather protection. The front panel is curtain style and the other panels are sectional and can be opened or closed. The FOH3224 is designed to meet Stageline's safety requirements and moves with all SAM750 stages.


      A hydraulically deployed delay tower

      No cranes, anchors or ballast are required to install the HyTower. It is a tower with multiple applications. This hydraulic delay tower can also be used as a screen support and two towers can also be joined together to create a video screen. The compact HyTower can be used to increase the width of video racks. The base can be used as a 24'x24′ (7.3m x 7.3m) VIP platform.

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