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    MindCore Technologies offers unparalleled expertise in the design and manufacture of medium and high voltage disconnect switches

    Excellent solutions for medium and high voltage installations! With unparalleled engineering expertise, and having its core business in the design and manufacture of distribution and transmission class disconnect switches up to 800 kV. They work closely with each customer to provide products, that not only meets or exceeds the customer’s specification requirements, but guarantees years of exceptional performance and reliability.

    ISO 9001 2015

    • Energy
    • Industrial

    • Aluminum (Al)
    • Copper (Cu)
    • Tin (Sn)
    • Iron (Fe)
    • Nickel (Ni)
    • Tungsten (W)
    • Zinc (Zn)

    • Soft steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Cast iron

    • Bronze

    Arteche Transformers

    Installed in over 150 countries. 

    Mindcore Technologies offers a variety of designs and insulations to best suit the customer's needs.

    High mechanical strength and reduced size, thanks to a compact design that facilitates transport, storage, assembly, and reduces the visual impact of the devices.

    Hermetic construction that guarantees absolute tightness with a minimum level of oil or gas inside (in this case, the level will be controlled by tests on each device).

    The different disconnects

    Mindcore Technologie's various disconnects are designed to last and withstand various weather conditions.

    *Please click on the pictures to discover more about the products.

    Vertical Break Disconnect

    500 à 800kV / 2000 à 4000A

    Product Features

    • Evolution of the original Kearney design
    • Current path on aluminum components
    • Silver contact areas
    • Reverse loop design at hinge and jaw
    • 90 degree blade opening angle for increased ice breaking capacity
    • Very high overload capacity
    • Low level of radio interference and high corrona extinction capability
    • Unique electrostatic repair system
    • The blade passes the dead center in open position due to the design of the disconnector
    • Integral structure of the disconnector

    * Earthquake tested

    AVX Vertical Break Disconnect

    15 à 420kV / 1200 à 6000A

    Key Features 

    • Aluminum current carrying parts
    • Silver to Silver high pressure self wiping contacts
    • Reversed loop contacts on both hinge and jaw side
    • 90º blade rollover for first attempt ice breaking capabilities...
    • ...for visible close position confirmation from ground standpoint
    • "U" shape connection points with 3 sets of NEMA terminal pads
    • IEEE 693 High seismic shake table tested
    • Evolution of Kearney robust philosophy design

    ADB Double Break Disconnect

    Key Features

    • Aluminum current carrying parts
    • Silver to Silver high pressure self wiping contacts
    • Reversed loop contacts on jaw sides
    • Rotating blade design for greater contact pressure
    • High end bronze gear mechanism within the housing
    • "U" shape connection points with 3 sets of NEMA terminal pads
    • Available in ‘W’ configuration for transmission applications

    ACX/ACBB Center Break Disconnect

    Key Features

    • Silver-to-silver, high pressure, self-wiping contacts
    • Reversed loop design on hinge and jaw sides
    • Braidless aluminum current carrying parts
    • One piece welded blade assemblies
    • Weather resistant hinge rotating contacts
    • Horizontal and vertical mounting through 245kV
    • Full copper version available

    To see all the disconnects designed by Mindecore Tech, click here.


    Substation equipement

    Mindecore also offers several varieties of equipment for different stations around the world.

    MV Vaccum Breakers | Dead Tank Breakers

    (Mitsubishi electric power products)

    Product key features 

    All of breakers are thoroughly tested in state-of-the-art facilities, including the High Voltage Lab, High Power Lab, Environmental Test Lab, and Seismic Test Lab of the Mitsubishi Electric ITAMI works in Japan. Complete factory production tests are also performed on each breaker at the Mitsubishi Electric Power Products production facility at Warrendale, PA.

    A summation of all the testing that goes into the circuit breaker product provides both Mitsubishi Electric Power Products and the customer assurance that the equipment will perform reliably in the field.

    Air Core Reactors

    Product features 

    • Type: Indoor and Outdoor
    • Rated Voltage: 15kV to 800kV
    • Applications: Series, Neutral, Harmonic Filters, Shunt, Load Balancing, SVC, HVDC
    • Standards: IEC 60076-6, ANSI C57.16
    • Hydro-Québec SN-14.7
    • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004

    Insulated Busbars System

    Product description 

    Duresca insulated busbars are manufactured using innovative technology developed by Moser-Glaser. The insulation lies directly on the conductor and consists of resin impregnated paper, with terminations adapted to your applications. The busbars also include capacitive shielding to ensure superior protection of the electrical installation and personnel.

    Technical Data

    Nominal Voltage: ≤ 245 kV

    Nominal Current: ≤ 8000 A

    Insulated Bus: (Cu or Al)

    Minimum inter-phase spacing, limited solely by mechanical constraints

    Indoor or outdoor mounting

    Simple and rapid installation in the field

    Power Transformers (up to 200MVA)


    • Maximum Voltage Rating – 345kV
    • Maximum BIL – 1050kV
    • Maximum Power – 600MVA (top rating)

    To see all of the substation equipment designed by Mindecore Technologies, click here.

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