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  • 335120 - Fabrication d'appareils d'éclairage incluant décorations et jeux de lumière de Noël


  • C2740 - Fabrication d'appareils électriques d'éclairage


As a global lighting specialist and market leader, we combine decades of experience with an ongoing passion for design, innovation and excellence in lighting design.

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Leblanc Illuminations, a pioneer in festive lighting, is partnering with the start-up that reinvented the string light, TWINKLY.

In order to offer ever more innovative solutions to its customers, Leblanc Illuminations becomes the exclusive distributor of Twinkly Pro in France and Belgium, and will also distribute the brand's products that are revolutionizing our business through its subsidiaries and its network of more than 40 distributors worldwide.

TWINKLY is a real innovation for our industry. The new generation of LED lights is fully controllable with a smartphone or a tablet. The user can play with an infinite number of 100% customizable effects thanks to its embedded WIFI.

Thanks to the TWINKLY PRO application, the user detects precisely the position of each LED through the camera of his smartphone or tablet. Then simply choose colors or an effect, and it will be automatically applied to the garland. It is extremely simple to use for a stunning result.

The most beautiful emotions are the ones we share... put yourself on stage inside our beautiful Snowball Infinity!

A turnkey offer including:
- 1 totem

- 3 games for young and old.

- Personalization of the digital greeting cards with your logo, as well as 8 fun photo filters.

- 1 redirection link to your website.

- The different graphic elements for the communication of your city.

Add sound to your decorations!

Open your ears, Musik gives a new dimension to your lighted decorations. Among a vast choice of 3D decorations to visit with music, talking Santas, musical mailboxes, bells... Attract more visitors and enrich their experience by making your decorations sound.


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