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    Design, manufacture and maintenance of overhead cranes and lifting equipment according to your needs thanks to the strength of a partnership and innovation

    Premium Industrial Group is the specialist for your lifting needs of all kinds. Thanks to its collaboration with numerous partners, it can provide a wide range of lifting solutions, from the structure itself to lifting accessories, as well as innovative industrial technologies. Premium Industrial Group offers a world of solutions!

    • CSA B167-16 Overhead Cranes, Portal Cranes, Monorails
    • CWB, CSA W47.1 Steel Fusion Welding Companies Division 2

    The leader in overhead cranes in Quebec

    At Groupe Industriel Premium, overhead cranes are made entirely to measure and exclusively from STAHL brand parts (German manufacture). These superior quality parts allow us to design the strongest and most durable cranes on the market.

    Call on the Groupe Industriel Premium team for all your overhead crane needs in Quebec, whether for installation, maintenance, parts, service, training, safety and more.

    Here are other specialized equipments that you can find at Groupe Industriel Premium.

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    • Hydraulic scaffolding
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    • Overhead cranes


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        Overhead cranes

        Probably the most used industrial handling equipment, the overhead crane is ideal for lifting and transferring heavy and/or bulky loads.

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        Groupe Premium offers several types of overhead cranes:


        Top running cranes

        This is the most common type of overhead crane because it meets the majority of lifting needs. In this form, the crane is placed directly on the rails.


        Under running cranes

        Always manufactured with STAHL brand components, the suspended overhead crane is suspended from tracks attached to the ceiling structure of a building.


        Outdoor overhead cranes

        Call on our expertise for your outdoor overhead crane installation projects in Quebec for optimal operation and durability


        Gantry / semi-gantry cranes

        Gantry cranes have the same functionality as overhead cranes but are configured with legs to allow for a minimal lifting height. It is therefore possible to move this type of lifting equipment from one place to another without difficulty.


        Explosion-proof crane

        For manufacturers who, for example, want to equip an overhead crane in a place where flammable gases (gasoline vapors) or unstable particles in the air (aerosol paint) are present.


        Ergonomic crane

        Groupe Industriel Premium also offers ergonomic overhead cranes built entirely according to the required dimensions. With these systems, operators can move heavy objects manually and without any effort in their workstation or in a work area covering several such stations.


        Magnet Overhead Cranes

        Magnet cranes allow the use of magnetism to lift loads, either to increase productivity, to increase safety, or to lift parts that do not have anchor points.


        Special overhead cranes

        By combining our expertise with that of Canstahl and Structures Industrielles Premium, we can cover all the most specialized and even extreme needs that other lifting equipment suppliers cannot meet.


        Other products

        Our wide range of products and structures allows you to configure your cranes and lifting equipment for almost any application.


        Wire rope hoists

        With the complete range of STAHL wire rope hoists, the Premium Industrial Group is able to provide the best possible quality hoists at the best possible price.


        Chain hoists

        With access to the full range of STAHL brand chain hoists, Groupe Industriel Premium is able to provide the best quality hoists at the best price.


        Monorails and structures

        Whether straight, curved, closed loop, with switches or transfer mechanisms, suspended or self-supporting, name it... All configurations are possible with Premium.


        Explosion-proof equipment

        To meet the needs of certain industries, we offer a large part of our products in explosion-proof versions.


        Wheels (roller blocks)


        Jib cranes

        Jib cranes handle rotating loads. The support structure can be a steel column, a concrete column or another structural element of the building.

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