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    • 332810 - Coating, engraving, cold and heat treating and allied activities


    • C2592 - Treatment and coating of metals; machining


    • 28.51  - Treatment and coating of metals

    A high precision CNC Machining service. Designing, manufacturing and reconditioning your mechanical parts

    CCI is a machining workshop with nearly 24 years of expertise and its in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the best processes in order to design, manufacture and recondition the mechanical components of your production lines.

    CWB - CSA W47.1

    • 2 numerical control machines
    • Horizontal lathe
    • Milling machine with 3 axes
    • Vertical lathe

    • Agribusiness
    • Aeronautical
    • Agricultural
    • Bio-technological
    • Commercial
    • Residential construction
    • Industrial construction
    • Cultural
    • Defense
    • Entertainment
    • Energy
    • Forestry
    • Industrial
    • Institutional
    • Manufacturing
    • Mechanical
    • Medical
    • Mining
    • Metallurgical
    • Pulp and paper
    • Public
    • Rail transport
    • Maritime transport
    • Land transport

    • Aluminum (Al)
    • Magnesium (Mg)
    • Tungsten (W)

      • Bronze

      Mechanized welding: customize your simple or complex parts

      We manufacture mechanically welded parts that meet your specific needs in industrial machining. Whether it's from your drawings or if you entrust the design to our engineering team, the parts we manufacture for you will meet your strictest requirements. These parts can then be covered with a wear-resistant coating.

      Achievements that speak for themselves

      Whether it's in the mechanically welded manufacture of parts or in the design and creation of anti-wear components by cutting, rolling or assembly for pulp mill systems, refiners, rollers, etc., our team has expertise that is matched only by its great versatility

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      Custom CNC machined parts: from design to manufacturing

      With its diversified state-of-the-art equipment, long-standing expertise and great versatility, CCI's team is able to manufacture parts of all types and sizes, regardless of your sector of activity. Their turnkey service, from design and manufacturing to finishing, also includes wear protection coating.

      Achievements that speak for themselves

      Transferring their knowledge and skills to meet the needs of various industries is one of their strengths. See parts machined by this dedicated team, including rollers, fan shafts, rudder bits, bearing housings, industrial screw conveyor and more.

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      Thermal spraying: reconditioning parts and extending their life

      Their engineering department analyzes your needs to recommend the best thermal spray coating that will protect parts and components for a long time. Whether it is against wear or corrosion, or to offset existing wear, they work with various metallic or non-metallic coatings as well as proven application and grinding processes for results that meet your requirements.

      Achievements that speak for themselves

      Whether by cold or hot metallization, they apply various types of metallic or non-metallic coatings on parts of all sizes used in sectors such as pulp and paper, metallurgy, manufacturing or mining.

      Do you have parts to recondition or to protect by thermal spraying? Please click here.

      Our engineering department: your partner in finding solutions

      Our engineering team takes the time to meet with you, visit your facilities and analyze your needs and constraints in order to propose optimal solutions to counter wear and tear on the mechanical components of your production lines and machinery. Their expertise and knowledge of best practices ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

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      • CNC Machine Shop
      • CNC Turning
      • Mechanical assembly and disassembly
      • Mechanical welding
      • CNC machined parts
      • Thermal spraying
      • Reconditioning of mechanical components

      From the idea to the making of the project, CCI is there for you!

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